Keeping Tabs on the XFL MVP Odds

Quick. Do you know the only XFL Most Valuable Player? … … … For those that answered Tommy Maddox, the former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback, you are correct. That’s it. That is the only XFL MPV in history. However, now with the return of the XFL, we will finally have another name to go along with the illustrious Maddox (who threw for 2,186 yards and 18 touchdowns while connecting on 57.3% of this passes). Each Week OddsUSA will track who are the best performing players in the XFL and which players are leading the XFL MVP Odds race.  

While the NFL MVP almost always goes to the best quarterback of the year, with all the new rules in the XFL, maybe there is a chance for a non-quarterback to take home the award. Will defenses shine this season and the XFL’s version of JJ Watt take home the prize, or will it be a hard charging Adrian Peterson like running back? Maybe a wideout proves too quick for the corners and slices his way through opposing defensive backfields. Whatever the case may be, OddsUSA is here to help you figure out the best players from week-to-week and post the latest XFL MVP Odds. So sit back, enjoy the new uniforms, and with out help put your money on the right man as the XFL launches this season.

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