XFL Championship Odds

Keeping Track of the XFL Championship Odds All Season Long

Did you know the Los Angeles Extreme won the first and only XFL Championship? Of course you did. So which team is going to bring home the trophy in the XFL’s revival? OddsUSA is here to help you figure out study the XFL Championship odds and pick the eventual winner. With five teams in each conference and only two teams from each conference making the playoffs, it will be very important to stay up to date as the XFL Championship odds swing from week to week. 

The XFL is a wild card league with wild card players and wild card coaches. As the season progresses and we find out more about how the teams adapt to the new rules and what types of playing styles are most effective, the XFL Championship odds will move accordingly. There are so many things people are excited about for the XFL: will special teams have an outsized impact with the new kickoff rules? Will former college quarterbacks who could never catch on in the NFL regain their old rhythms and push their teams to the mountaintops? Will defenses rule the day and smother offenses because of lack of skill from position players? Will a playoff game be won on a 3-point conversion?  

No matter what happens this XFL season, OddsUSA will make sure you are prepared and can take advantage of all the latest XFL Championship odds. So find yourself a new team (by location, by player, maybe even by who has the coolest uniforms or helmets) and enjoy the newest league in professional sports and make some money while you are at it. 

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