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Most of the time when a businessman tries to start a sports league and it fails miserably, they learn they lesson, move on, and never try it again. But most businessmen are not Vincent Kennedy MacMahon, the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Back in 2001, McMahon attempted to provide an alternative to the National Football League with his brainchild, the Extreme Football League, or XFL. His plan was to make a hybrid football/wrestling league utilizes all of the latest technological innovations and ramping up the violence. It did not go well. 


This is Not Your Older Brother’s XFL

So why do Vince McMahon and XFL Commissioner, Oliver Luck, feel like

the league will succeed this time around the block? For one, they learned their lesson in terms of funding (something the American Alliance of Football did not comprehend). The XFL has plenty of funding in place for the season. Speaking of learning lessons, the XFL is taking all the things they did wrong (crossovers with the WWE, violence and potential for injury for no apparent purpose) and correcting them. First and foremost, the XFL is going to be a football league; no Vince McMahon interviewing cheerleaders on the sidelines and no WWE wrestlers barging in on the broadcasts.

But the XFL is still going to feel like its own form of football: no more coin tosses (the home team gets to pick who kicks off to start the game, the visiting team will choose in overtime), no one-and-done OT (each team gets give single-play possessions from the five-yard line and the two teams keep going until a winner is declared), no kicked extra points (extra point tries include a single point from the two, two points from the three, and three points from the 10), one-foot in bounds for possession, and the quirkiest, forward passes will be allowed twice in each play.

XFL Betting and Odds

Because of all the new rules and everyone—including sportsbooks—needing to adjust to the quirks of the XFL, XFL futures and XFL odds have yet to posted. However, that is all going to change more than likely once the Super bowl is over. The common consensus is that XFL odds will work just like regular football. So you will be able to bet on XFL Moneylines, XFL Spreads, and XFL Over/Unders just like it was an NFL or NCAAF game.

When we know more on how to bet on the XFL beyond futures bets, we will let you know. For now, OddsUSA will provide you with a preview for every one of the teams so you can pick your favorite team and start forming allegiances—whether fan or betting related—right now and take advantage of everything the XFL has to offer.

From the XFL Scramble and the nicknames on jerseys, to no fair catches or kneeling on touchbacks, the XFL was a catastrophe of a league. It was McMahon’s greatest financial failure to date, losing a reported $70 million in its only year of existence. However, McMahon’s league was not all a waste. Some things did stick, like the XFL’s only MVP, Tommy Maddox, who led his team (the Los Angeles Xtreme) to the league’s only championship and parlayed that success into a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a respectable NFL career. Other innovations like the “Xcam” (a Skycam) and the use of a plethora of on-field cameras and cameramen made their way to the NFL and other league’s after seeing their success in the XFL.

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