Two More NBA Teams Shut Down Practice Facilities

Some members of the Kings and the Bucks have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19

Sources say the Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings are the latest teams to shut down their practice facilities after the most recent round of COVID-19 testing. An official with the Bucks confirmed that the team shut down its practice facility yesterday.

At this time, it is unclear if the Milwaukee Bucks recorded more than one positive Coronavirus test. Regardless, Milwaukee announced that it does not plan on re-opening the team’s practice facilities before leaving for Florida. The Bucks are scheduled to fly to Orlando this Thursday.

Sources told ESPN’s The Undefeated one member of the Sacramento Kings’ traveling party also tested positive for COVID-19. Sources say Sacramento now also plans to keep its facilities closed for the remainder of the NBA resumption. The Kings are scheduled to depart for Orlando on Wednesday.

Several NBA teams have shut down their practice facilities due to positive COVID-19 test results. Six teams have officially ended workouts this past week. The other four teams that stopped workouts are the Nets, Nuggets, Heat, and Clippers.