Liverpool v Leicester City Betting Prediction for Week 9

Liverpool host Leicester City on Sunday evening in what is billed to be an entertaining clash between the two top sides in the Premier League.

Liverpool are nursing several injuries and will field a drastic starting line-up with a possible change in tactics.

With both Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez out for the foreseeable future, Liverpool’s strategy of playing a high line is one that could get them into more trouble rather than preventing it.

Especially, coming up against a Leicester City with Jamie Vardy spearheading the attack, a high line even with Van Dijk and Gomez is already a risky move but without them, you’d be playing right into the Englishman’s hands.

Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara both face late fitness tests as they look to make their return to the line-up after their respective injuries.

Can Liverpool Maintain Their Excellent Form?

Liverpool are unbeaten in four games in the league and seven in all competitions, but they are coming up against a Leicester City who’ve won three games on the trot and look even better this season than they did the last.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp heaped praise on Jamie Vardy ahead of the clash on Sunday.

“It is incredible how smart Vardy still is, how he uses his speed and anticipation,” Klopp said. “His technical level is really good too; he takes risks and gambles in a good way. He’s a proper, proper player.”

Klopp also made his feelings known (once again) on the Premier League’s decision not to allow five substitutions in a game and talked about his worry that players will continue to suffer injuries especially in the busy winter period of the Premier League as well as European competitions.

Klopp’s Thoughts on the Votes and Liverpool Betting Prediction

“There was a meeting of managers during the international break and I can tell you that had a vote been allowed it would have been 15-5 in favour of five substitutes,” he said. “But managers aren’t allowed to vote, so nothing could be changed.

“It’s frustrating, but we are just going to get on with it. We are not looking for excuses. At this club we have a lot of information about the physical state of our players and we have some young players in reserve who I am confident will be able to step up when needed.

“I don’t know if it will be possible to do anything in January, but I am happy to use some of the boys we already have. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves at this club, we look for solutions.”

Even without Liverpool’s multiple casualties, I think they grab a 2-1 result at home against a tough Leicester City side.

Sportsbooks odds on a Liverpool win open at -125. Odds on Leicester winning their fourth win in a row open at +290. Odds on a draw between the two sides open at +310.