he Final Stretch Approaches! 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series Race 7 Odd

North Wilkesboro Speedway Odds: eNASCAR odds for Race No. 7 in the iRacing Pro Invitational Series

This is it! This is the final race of the series. NASCAR has been testing the waters here trying to bring the thrill of the race even with the outbreak looming over everyone’s heads. This race will be at the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway. Despite closing in 2011, the track has been revived and recreated gloriously in the iRacing format. Many great races have taken place on the asphalt of the track, and now one more will arrive. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? 

William Byron, the victor of three races, including two of those wins coming back-to-back, will not be competing in this race. That leaves the two favorites as the other two racers who have had success during the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series: Timmy Hill and Denny Hamlin. 

Timmy Hill, the winner at Texas in for Race No. 2, is the clear favorite with +400 odds. He has been consistent in his performance and placing well in all six prior races. Despite not being able to secure the overall Number 1 position, there is a certain glory that comes with winning the final event. He’ll be sure to race his heart out to get his second win of the series. 

With odds of +900, Denny Hamlin has an even more unique motivation to win. As the winner of the first race, he stands to win both the first and last events of the Pro Invitational Series. With the technical difficulties of Talladega well behind him, he’s got a fighting chance to take the checkered flag once more and bookend the inaugural series with his name! 

Finish Line 150 Odds

The Latest Finish Line 150 Odds; eNASCAR Odds for Race No. 6 in the iRacing Pro Invitational Series

Your favorite drivers you’ve been following since the end of March are getting their gear out once again this week! For this race, they will be tackling the Monster Mile, meticulously made in the digital realm so rubber can burn while maintaining proper social distancing. The race will begin broadcasting on FOX services at 1:00pm Eastern on May 3rd, with the latest Finish Line 150 odds turning some heads. 

William Byron, despite having the first ever back-to-back wins in the iRacing Pro Invitational, had a disappointing finish last week with a 6th place finish after winning the previous two. Byron led the pack in the middle of the event for a total of 9 laps before his 6th place finish, and is still anticipated for a victory in Dover, at +175 odds.  

He will have a lot of pressure to deal with to prove that his victories weren’t flukes and he’s got the real steel to compete and win in this new environment. 

Other Drivers’ eNASCAR Odds to Keep Track of for Race No. 6: The Finish Line 150

The victor of last week’s race was Alex Bowman. He enters this week at +2000, though he had a strong lead in overtime to secure his first victory of this series. Bowman led for 8 laps in total and managed to avoid a collision that took out most of the racers and allowed him to launch to the front from far back.  

He showed some serious skill and ironclad nerves to hold off challengers in overtime and proved his deft virtual driving skills to dodge collisions on the track. Bowman will certainly have a spotlight on him during the race, but will he be able to repeat his performance from last week? 

Denny Hamlin, the winner of the inaugural race, had an unfortunate disconnection in the later stages of the race and ended up finishing last. It turned out that his daughter turned off his computer monitor with a remote control, thereby blinding the racer! Footage was found of the incident and the young girl was seen saying “Uh oh,” and fleeing the room in the immediate aftermath.  

Even with getting disconnected, Hamlin’s strong performances in the prior races keeps his odds at +1000. The remote for his monitors will certainly be out of reach for this upcoming race. How much of a difference will that peace of mind make? Or will his paranoia about other technical hiccups send him lower in the standings? Tune in on Sunday at 1 P.M. Eastern on FoxSportsGo.com to find out.  

Geico 70 Odds – 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series

Geico 70 Odds and eNASCAR Odds for the iRacing Pro Invitational Series

Even though the tracks themselves are closed, NASCAR fans can still bet on and watch their favorite races from the comfort of home. Recently authorized by Nevada, New Jersey, and other states, Virtual NASCAR races are now bettable and bankable.  

Classified as an eSport, eNASCAR is run by NASCAR using the iRacing system. This hi-tech simulator has the track conditions and car details from thousands of races, all to bring the most realistic experience possible. NASCAR pros will be using iRacing to compete, with almost all of the real-life experiences that the real track brings. Watching the races will be just like being right there, just without the smell of high-octane exhaust. 

Race 5 of the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, drivers virtually head to Talladega Superspeedway on April 26th. Remember, the easiest way to watch the race is by tuning into FOX at the normally scheduled race time or by tuning into FOX’s streaming service (FoxSportsGo.com).  

Best eNASCAR Odds and Geico 70 odds from Talladega in the iRacing Pro Invitational Series

Coming off back-to-back victories in the last two races, William Byron Jr. is easily expected to place highly in the upcoming race. He is currently the favorite, as his Geico 70 odds sit at +300, which is expected as has led for nearly 350 total laps. There is no doubt that he will be putting his all into the race at Virtual Talladega to get another win added to his streak. 

Racing close enough to give Byron a glare in his rearview mirror is the 27-year-old Timmy Hill. Despite only finishing first in one single race, Hill has placed in the top 3 for each race so far and has acquitted himself well enough to earn +750 eNASCAR odds. After narrowly getting 2nd to Byron in Richmond, he has a lot of pressure on him to keep up the stellar performance moving onto the next race. Will the added pressure simply fuel his drive to win? Or will Byron burn rubber after winning his third consecutive race? Check it all out on FOX on Sunday.