Big 12 Championship Odds for Week 13: Boomer Sooner

While it has been clear who the contenders are in the Big 12 all season, the conference championship picture has remained blurry. The season began with Oklahoma and Texas favored about every other team. But then both teams got off to a bad start. However, it did not really seem to matter.

Oklahoma State got over a slow start and looked like the Conference’s best team, but oddsmakers refused to give them credit. Yes, their odds got shorter, but the Sooners were still favored to win the Conference despite the Cowboys having a better record.

The Cowboys did not do themselves any favors by losing to Texas, but they were still in the driver’s seat. All they had to do was beat Oklahoma in their annual rivalry game—which was last weekend.

But that was not the only Big 12 game with conference championship implications. In fact, there were only three Big 12 games scheduled with only two of them actually getting played. However, both games were relevant to the conference championship conversation, so let’s check in and see how the Big 12 odds are shaking up.

Big 12 Championship Odds: There Is A Light at the End of the Tunnel

A few weeks ago, there were as many as five teams that had a legitimate shot at winning the Big 12. But three consecutive losses, one of which occurred over the weekend to Iowa State, have knocked Kansas State (+50000; odds via DraftKings) out of the running. West Virginia (+25000) had a shot until they lost their third game of the season.

But that still left Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State in the running. Technically, all four are still running, but the championship picture is now a lot clearer after the weekend’s games.

Oklahoma State (+650) could have practically locked down a spot in the Big 12 championship game with a win over Oklahoma (-155), but the Cowboys forgot to show up and were destroyed by the Sooners, 41-13.

With losses to both Texas and Oklahoma, the Cowboys are now on the outside looking in. They will need someone to beat both teams for them to have a chance to make the game.

After a slow start, the Sooners are now looking like a team ready to add to its championship pedigree.

Iowa State is in the Driver’s Seat for a Seat at the Table, But Can They Keep It Up?

Texas (+300) was inactive with their game against Kansas called off. However, like Oklahoma State, they are on the outside looking in as well. But unlike the Cowboys, they still have some say in their own destiny—if they can beat Iowa State this week.

A win would put them on par with Oklahoma, Texas, and Iowa State on top of the Big 12 with two losses. But since Iowa State and Oklahoma State will have two losses against the other top teams, they will be out, and Texas and Oklahoma will be in.

For Iowa State (+275), a win would practically lock them up a spot in the Big 12 title game and a likely rematch against Oklahoma. While they did beat Oklahoma once already this season, that was early on. The Sooners are a much better squad now than they were in early October.

While it may look like we are close to figuring out who will play in the Big 12 championship game, who will win that game is still up in the air.