Table Tennis Betting

It seems like the simplest game. A tiny paddle and a tiny ball and all you have to do is hit it over the net without your opponent knocking it back. You’ve played it, you’ve either loved it or hated it, but now table tennis betting is taking over the online sports betting world and you want to get in on the action. However, there is only one problem; you don’t know anything about table tennis betting and you look at professional ping pong the same way you probably look at professional curling, “that’s cool, but what in the world is going on?” 

OddsUSA is here to help you decipher the ins and outs of ping pong betting online and how to best figure out your online table tennis betting. If you already know the names of Jan-Ove Waldner and Deng Yaping, then this is not the article for you. However, if you read both those names and went, “ummm who?” This is the article for you.  

Betting on Table Tennis Online

Figuring out the best table tennis betting odds online is a fairly easy task once you realize the betting works similar to tennis. Tennis has several main bets and so too does table tennis. When looking at table tennis odds online, you’ll first notice the primary bet is the moneyline bet. Just like in Federer vs. Nadal where you might see something like

Federer (+125) vs. Nadal (-105)

In table tennis betting, you might see the table tennis moneyline look something like

Xin Xu (-145) vs. Tomokazu Harimoto (+160)

In this case, Xu is the favorite because of the (-145) with the minus (-) sign denoting he is the favorite and Harimoto is the underdog thanks to his (+160) with the plus (+) sign denoting he is the underdog. If you bet on Harimoto to win the match and the underdog prevails, a $100 bet on Harimota would net you $160 plus the initial $100 wager for a total of $260 coming back your way. If you bet on the world No. 1 Xu, you would need to bet $145 on him in order to win back $100.

While the table tennis moneyline is the most popular bet prior to the match, you can also find table tennis spread betting and table tennis over/under betting.

Table Tennis Spread Betting and Table Tennis Total Games Betting

First, in order to start betting on table tennis spreads, you must realize how to win a game and a match. Each match is played as a best of “odd number” games, with most international matches consisting of either five or seven games. Each game is played up to 11 points unless the two players are tied at 10-10 or 11-11 at which point either player to gain a two point advantage wins the game (12-10, 13-11, 26-24).

When engaging in table tennis spread betting, this means how many games will a competitor win the match by? Normally spread betting lines will be at 1.5 because most matches end usually 3-2 or 4-3 or 3-1, 4-2, therefore making the 1.5-line enticing. In this case, if Xu’s game spread is listed at -1.5 and you bet on him, and he defeats Harimoto 4-2, you will have won your bet. There is also betting within a game itself.

The table tennis point spread bet is asking, “by how many points will Xu win the game?” If you think Xu is going to clobber Harimoto, and you see a line of “-2.5,” you can take Xu to win with the over. If he in fact wins the game 11-8, then you have won your bet (most of the time you will see a line of -1.5).

There is also the option of table tennis live betting. In this case, the table tennis betting odds let you make a wager on which player you think will win the next point. Some people who are just beginning to learn how to bet on table tennis prefer this method because it takes some of the skill and knowledge out of it, but remember that live betting can get costly much quicker than normal table tennis moneyline betting.

Table Tennis Background Information

Table tennis has been around since the 1880s when it was played in the Victorian era and looks similar to the game you see today (albeit with clunkier paddles and no uniformity to the balls). If you know nothing about table tennis and want to get a quick rundown of who are the best players in the world, the governing body of table tennis (the ITTF, “the International Table Tennis Federation”) is a great repository of knowledge.

Over there you can check out the top players in the world on both the men’s and women’s side of the action and start teaching yourself above what players are more likely to win and what players are more likely to lose.

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