Super Bowl 2020

The Best Bet for the Ravens to Win the Super Bowl

The Only Way Any Should Bet on a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Win

The Baltimore Ravens have been an incredible team to watch this season. Lamar Jackson has proven himself to be an incredible athlete and a great quarterback. While his primary contribution

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

may be as a runner, when the Ravens have needed him to throw, he has been pretty good—most of the time.

But with the help of Mark Ingram and a good defense, Jackson’s efforts have been more than enough to make the Ravens one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL and the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

So—everyone should bet on them, right?

If your primary goal is not to lose your money, then yes. Chances are good that the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl this year. All the numbers match-up:

35 of 53 Super Bowl winners have had an offense and defense ranked inside the top ten– check (offense—2nd; defense—4th)

Sixteen have been ranked first in either points allowed per game or points scored—check (1st in points scored—33.2 point/game)

51 of 53 Super Bowl winners recorded at least 30 sacks during the regular season—check (37)

All winners had at last 23 takeaways during the regular season– check (25)

14 of 53 Super Bowl winners entered the playoffs on a winning streak of five or more games—check (12 in a row) Another common trait is leading the league in point differential—check (+249)

Why the Ravens Pass Every Single One of the Tests to Win the Super Bowl

Of course, when it comes down to it, you don’t look at trends or stats to know that the Ravens have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl this year. You just have to watch them play.

Lamar Jackson is one of the most dynamic players in the league. Head coach John Harbaugh and the coaching staff have done a great job of coaching him up and designing game plans that feature his strengths. The skill position guys complement Jackson well. The offensive line is getting the job done, as is the defense.

They are exciting to watch—and they dominant guys. That is why everyone should bet on them to win the Super Bowl. Along the way, they will face some good defenses and some good offenses, but no one with a combination of both quite like the Ravens have.

But gamblers shouldn’t just take the odds like the +200 DraftKings is currently offering. You’ll win money, but not much. If you are going to risk your hard-earned money placing a bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl, you might as well win some real money.

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The Best Parlay for the Super Bowl

For those who don’t know, parlays are ways in which gamblers can bet a sum of money on a series of results. Since the likelihood of getting every result right is high, the payout is as well.

In this parlay, we are going to assume that we want the Ravens to win the Super Bowl (+200). If they are going to do that, then several other things will also occur (all odds via DraftKings):

they will beat the Titans this weekend (-420)

win the AFC Conference Championship (-137)

Super Bowl-winning division—AFC North (+200)

Super Bowl-winning conference—AFC (-143)

Lamar Jackson, Super Bowl MVP (+250)

A six-leg parlay is a long one, and it only takes a miss on one leg for you to lose, but if the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl, everything listed will happen. Well—Jackson winning MVP isn’t a lock, but if the Ravens win, it will be because of him.

So, why risk $100 on betting on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl at +200 to win $200 when you can risk the same $100 on the above parlay and win $11,364.70? Take Jackson winning MVP out of the equation, and you are still talking about close to $3200.

But while the reward is greater for parlays, so is the risk. If the Tennessee Titans can establish the run with Derek Henry this weekend, it could also be a quick $100 down the drain.