NHL Vezina Trophy Odds

2020 Vezina Trophy Odds as of February 27, 2020

 2020 Vezina Trophy Odds: Rask Now Makes it a Big Four

By: Ryan Gilbert 

The 2020 Vezina Trophy odds haven’t settled on one favorite yet this season, and there is good reason for that; there are a handful of goalies that could take home the trophy. There are three main contenders with less than +400 odds, then a group of three longer shots to round out the board at +700, +800 and +900. 

So, let’s take a look at how the top four goaltenders have fared overall and recently this season. 

 Jordan Binnington (Vezina Trophy Odds: +250)

Jordan Binnington started as an underdog to win the Vezina Trophy after winning the Stanley Cup with the St. Louis Blues last season. He opened his Vezina Trophy odds at +2000, which came down slightly to +1600 in early October. He became a more serious contender in November with +750 odds and has since been moved all the way down to +250 starting in January. 

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Binnington. 

Binnington hit a rut in January. He went 4-2-1, which is solid, but his save percentage was just .866 in seven games, with a goals against average of 3.61. But he’s bounced back in February. 

Overall this month, he is 5-3-2 with a .909 save percentage. But those numbers look better recently. He has won his last four starts, including two shutouts, since February 18. He is 4-0-0 with a .936 save percentage, allowing just six total goals in his last four games. 

Binnington is 28-11-7 on the season with three shutouts, a .911 save percentage, and 2.61 goals against average. 

Binnington was looking down in January, and not worth his +250 odds, but I could see him finishing the season strong. I’d still wait and see if his odds go up a bit after a poor January.

Connor Hellebuyck (Vezina Trophy Odds: +300) 

Connor Hellebuyck has also bounced back in November. His save percentage has gone up from .898 in nine January games to .921 in 10 February games. However, due to the defense in front of him and the Jets’ overall play, he is just 5-4-1 in those 10 starts. 

Hellebuyck is second in the league in games and starts and is tied for third in wins and shutouts. He’s a workhorse for Winnipeg and carrying a .918 save percentage. He could still work his way into winning the Vezina Trophy. 

Ben Bishop (Vezina Trophy Odds: +400) 

Ben Bishop continues to put up strong numbers for the Dallas Stars.  

Even in a lackluster February, he is 4-2-1 with a .909 save percentage, which would be his lowest mark for a save percentage this season. He had a save percentage of .916, .941, .921, and .923 from October to January, respectively. 

He had a strong stretch in the middle of the month, going 3-0-0 with a .933 save percentage, but then allowed nine goals on 13 shots to the Blues, making him 3-1-0 with a 906 save percentage in his last four games. 

Bishop’s .922 save percentage is seventh-best in the league, but he’s overshadowed by his “backup” Anton Khudobin, who leads the league with a .931 save percentage. The Stars have the best goaltending tandem, but Bishop doesn’t play enough to warrant the Vezina Trophy. 

Tuukka Rask (Vezina Trophy Odds: +700)

It’s Tuukka Time. 

With Vezina Trophy odds at +700, betting on Rask is a steal.  

Since returning from a two-week injury in January, he has gone 6-3-0 with a .929 save percentage and one shutout. His .926 save percentage on the season is the fifth-best in the league, with each of the four goalies in front of him starting at least two less games than he has. He also is tied for fifth in the league with three shutouts, despite only starting 37 games.  

Rask has the Bruins running away with the Atlantic Division. He’ll get a lot of credit for that, which will show up in the Vezina voting.