2020 NHL MVP Odds of March 2, 2020

It’s the Linemat! How Leon Draisaitl is Affecting the NHL MVP Odds/Hart Trophy Odds

By: Ryan Gilbert 

Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid and Colorado Avalanche forward have a new contender to worry about as Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl continues to put up points, forcing himself into the 2020 Hart Trophy race as the NHL MVP. 

Not only has Draisaitl emerged on the 2020 Hart Trophy odds/NHL MVP odds board, but get this… he’s the co-favorite. 


Leon Draisaitl


Nathan MacKinnon


David Pastrnak


Artemi Panarin


Connor McDavid


Alex Ovechkin


Auston Matthews


Brad Marchand


Jack Eichel


John Carlson


Nikita Kucherov


Evgeni Malkin


Patrick Kane


 Leon Draisaitl (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP Odds: +200)

When Connor McDavid was out with an injury, Leon Draisaitl showed why he deserves to be in MVP contention. He continued to show that on Monday night against the Nashville Predators with an incredible four-goal game in an 8-3 rout. 

Draisaitl has led the league in points for most of the season and it’s about time that he gets some respect for that with Hart Trophy odds. 

Draisaitl now has 107 points in 66 games. He is on pace for nearly 133 points, which is an absolutely insane total.  

Draisaitl has a 13-point cushion on McDavid in second place, and a two-assist cushion on McDavid in second, with 64 to 62. Draisaitl also has 43 goals, which is the fourth most in the league. 

If he reaches the 130-point mark, it would be only the 50th time that a player reached 130 points. It hasn’t been done since the 1990s, most recently when Mario Lemieux had 161 points in the 1995-96 season. 

Nikita Kucherov impressed everyone with a 128-point season last year, but Draisaitl could top that. 

If Draisaitl reaches even 120 or 125 points, you have to think he has to win the Hart Trophy. However, if the Oilers fall out of the playoffs, it will hurt Draisaitl. Only four times has a player on a non-playoff team won the Hart Trophy. 

 Connor McDavid (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP Odds: +200) 

Connor McDavid and Leon McDavid are co-favorites to win the Hart Trophy, and I bet some of the voters wish they could award the trophy to two players. 

McDavid is the face of the Oilers and the NHL, but his injury may hamper his chances to win the Hart Trophy. 

He is still second in the league with 94 points in 60 games, second in the league with 62 assists, and tied for ninth with 32 goals. 

Nathan MacKinnon (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP Odds: +300)

While McDavid’s chances are hurt by Draisaitl entering the conversation, it may improve Nathan MacKinnon’s chances.  

Voters could be undecided between Draisaitl and McDavid, and figure that the one-man show of MacKinnon is more worth of the most valuable player. 

MacKinnon is fifth in the league with 86 points, seventh in the league with 53 points, and tied for seventh with 33 goals in 65 games. 


Right now, I would bet on either Draisaitl or MacKinnon. Both are worthy of your bets.