2020 NHL MVP Odds as of March 9, 2020

Whoops! Look Who’s Leading the NHL MVP Odds/Hart Trophy Odds Race

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but the 2020 Hart Trophy odds/NHL MVP odds may just be at a lion’s pace for the whole month. 

Leon Draisaitl has burst into contention after Connor McDavid’s injury, but could one of the Edmonton Oilers’ dynamic duo be dubbed “the” most valuable of the two, yet alone of the league? Or will a solo player carrying their team win the Hart Trophy? 

Here are the top five contenders. 


Leon Draisaitl


Nathan MacKinnon


David Pastrnak


Artemi Panarin


Connor McDavid


Alex Ovechkin


Auston Matthews


Brad Marchand


Jack Eichel


John Carlson


Nikita Kucherov


Evgeni Malkin


Patrick Kane


Leon Draisaitl (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP odds: -200)

Leon Draisaitl has gone from off the board to the odds-on favorite. 

Draisaitl has 43 goals (4th), and 67 assists (1st) for a whopping 110 points (1st) in just 69 games. He is 14 points ahead of teammate McDavid in second, and 16 ahead of David Pastrnak in third. 

If Draisaitl keeps up this pace, it’ll be hard to argue against him winning the Hart Trophy. However, McDavid’s value may hurt his chances. 

Nathan MacKinnon (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP odds: +260)

The top one-man show in the NHL is Nathan MacKinnon. 

MacKinnon has 35 goals (9th) and 58 assists (T-5th) for 93 points (T-4th). It’s not overly impressive compared to Draisaitl and others, but what he’s been able to do for the Colorado Avalanche is impressive.  

Draisaitl has McDavid. Pastrnak has Bergeron and Marchand. MacKinnon has … no one. 

MacKinnon has more points (93) than the next two players on the Avalanche combined: Cale Makar (47) and Andre Burakovsky (45). 

If MacKinnon keeps up his pace and the Avalanche roll into the playoffs, he has a strong argument for the Hart Trophy. 

David Pastrnak (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP odds: +550)

David Pastrnak is scoring at an insane rate, but his supporting cast is extremely strong. 

Pastrnak has 48 goals (T-1st) and 46 assists (T-14th) for 94 points (3rd). However, he is on one of the best lines in hockey with Brad Marchand (86 points) and Patrice Bergeron (55 points). 

Pastrnak is beaten out by Draisaitl in terms of best player with support, and MacKinnon has almost as many points as him without a strong supporting cast. 

Connor McDavid (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP odds: +800)

The odds-on favorite to win the Hart Trophy is suddenly a longshot. 

After missing time due to an injury, McDavid has 33 goals (T-10th) and 63 assists (2nd) for 96 points (2nd) in 63 games.  

McDavid is still the heart and soul of the Oilers. If you want to bet on one of Draisaitl and McDavid, go for the longshot. 

Artemi Panarin (Hart Trophy Odds/NHL MVP odds: +800) 

If Artemi Panarin drags the New York Rangers to the playoffs, you might have to give him the Hart Trophy. 

Panarin has 32 goals (T-12th) and 61 assists (3rd) for 93 points (T-4th).  

He has a similar case to MacKinnon, but an even worse supporting cast overall. The Rangers are top heavy with Panarin, Mika Zibanejad and Ryan Strome. They have question marks on defense and their goaltending has been up and down. If the Rangers make the playoffs, expect Panarin to get some votes.