NHL Daily Trends

Why NHL Daily Trends is a Great Tool

NHL betting is surging in popularity throughout the United States and has a very strong following worldwide.  NHL betting is unique in itself, as it essentially combines the principles of MLB betting with the same long marathon type season and parity as the NBA.

When it comes to betting hockey, a nice way to give yourself an advantage over your bookie is to research daily trends on the sport.  Because the NHL regular season is a long 82-game marathon, researching NHL daily trends will give you a quick glance to how teams are performing of late, how teams have performed in specific game situations, how many bettors are backing a specific team, and much more.

What Are Betting Trends?

The term “betting trends” typically refers to the volume of wagers placed on a given side of a bet.  This is what you will hear many bettors refer to as “public money”.  Many bettors will rely on NHL betting trends to find a team with a lot of professional bettors backing them (aka “sharps” or “sharp money”), or to find the team the general public is backing so they can bet against them.

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What Are NHL Team Trends?

Team betting trends identify patterns, previous outcomes, tendencies and more in direct relation to betting outcomes. How many times did the Colorado Avalanche go over 5.5 goals on the road? How many times did the Washington Capitals win following a loss of two goals or more? How many times have the Vegas Golden Knights covered the puck line at home this season?

These are various examples of NHL betting trends in relation to specific teams. It’s simpler to think of team trends when you separate them into three categories:

  • Location (Home vs. Road)
  • Odds (Performance as favorite vs. Performance as underdog)
  • Wager Type (Puck Line, Totals, Moneyline, etc.)
Mar 3, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask (40) looks on against the Tampa Bay Lightning during the first period at Amalie Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What NHL Trends Should Be Avoided?

The wonderful thing about data and statistics is you can skew it to fit what you’re looking for.  However, when it comes to trends, one should avoid trends that bend over backwards to try to fit a betting narrative of sorts.

Some trends to look out for and avoid at all costs (like you’re skating across the ice while Zdeno Chara is looking for you) include the following:

  • How a team performs based on uniform color/style
  • How a team performs on Taco Tuesday
  • How a team plays against a team from a city with a rival team in a non-related sport
  • How a team performed on the road 30 years ago in Hartford, Connecticut when the Whalers were still in existence

Here at OddsUSA, we will help you filter out the noise and provide you with all the daily NHL trends you need to have a profitable NHL betting season. Happy wagering!