NHL Calder Trophy Odds

2020 Rookie of the Year Odds as of February 12, 2020

Calder Trophy Odds (NHL Rookie of the Year Odds): Yes for Cale… Maybe for Quinn

By: Ryan Gilbert 

Colorado Avalanche rookie Cale Makar and Vancouver Canucks rookie Quinn Hughes have been in a neck-and-neck race for the Calder Trophy as the NHL’s best rookie for most of the season. The two defensemen are known for their offense more than their defense, and that’s showing up as of late for both rookies. 

Makar is still the favorite at -160 with Hughes at an even +100, but that could soon change. Victor Olofsson is also still in it at +1200 with his return looming. 

Cale Makar (Calder Trophy Odds: -160) 

The Colorado Avalanche defenseman has kept up his pace in the last week. He has a goal and three assists for four points in his last four games. A point-per-game pace is impressive for any player, let alone a rookie defenseman. Makar is showing why he’s one of the best rookies – if not the best rookie – in the league. 

Makar now has 42 points in 47 games. He has 12 goals and 30 assists while carrying a +10 rating in 20:37 per game for the Avalanche.  

Makar rookies he ranks second in points, second in assists, and fifth in goals. However, he does lead all rookie defensemen in goals. 

Makar’s outlook: Makar’s missed time due to an injury may come back to haunt him. He and Hughes are about 50/50 to win the Calder Trophy at this point and being the favorite doesn’t bode well for his value.  

Quinn Hughes (Calder Trophy Odds: +100) 

The Vancouver Canucks defenseman has been on fire recently. The red-hot rookie has five points in just three games over the past seven days.  

That impressive week catapulted Hughes past Makar in rookie scoring. Hughes is leading the way with 44 points and 36 assists, while his eight goals aren’t too shabby either. He is also playing over a minute more (21:38) per game than Makar. 

While Hughes has passed Makar in scoring, it may not be as impressive due to the amount of games played. Hughes has missed less games, giving him a 0.79 points per game while Makar has a 0.89 points per game. Extrapolated over a full season, that would give Hughes 64 points over the course of 82 games to Makar’s 73 points over the course of 82 games. That’s a pretty big difference. 

Hughes’ outlook: Hughes brings the value at +100 in the Calder Trophy race. He hasn’t been slowing down recently as he passed Makar in points and looks like he will continue to stay ahead of the Avalanche defenseman. If Hughes keeps this up, he’ll overtake Makar in the odds. Bet on Hughes before he becomes the favorite.