Vezina Trophy Odds

The Best of the NHL Goalies: Vezina Trophy Odds

Martin Brodeur, Dominik Hasek, Ken Dryden, these are the names of some of the best National Hockey League goalies of all-time and they all share something in common; they have all won multiple Vezina trophies as the NHL’s best goalie. The Vezina Trophy is handed to the NHL goaltender who is “adjudged to be the best at this position.” The award is named after Montreal Canadiens goaltender Georges Vezina who guarded the Canadiens cage from 1910-1925 before dying of tuberculosis in 1926. 

The Montreal Canadiens have a storied history in the NHL, but specifically when it comes to the Vezina trophy. The Canadiens Jacques Plante owns the record for most Vezina trophies with seven while Bill Durnan and Ken Dryden—two other Canadien goalies—have six and five Vezinas respectfully; the second and third most Vezinas of all time (Durnan’s six is tied with “The Dominator” Dominik Hasek for second-most all-time).  

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Vezina Trophy Betting

However, despite the Vezina Trophy going to some all-time great, Vezina Trophy odds bettors need to be wary of outliers. Sometimes in hockey, a goalie can get hot, and stay hot, for an entire season. For every dominant run by a Dominik Hasek or Martin Brodeur, you can get a season where a Jim Carey or Olaf Kolzig—generally solid goalies—play out of their minds for a season and end up winning the Vezina.

Other ways goalies can mess with the Vezina Trophy odds include above-average goalies who have troubles with consistently putting it together for one year, losing it for a couple, and finding it again several years later. Recent examples of this include Sergei “Babs” Bobrovsky winning the Vezina trophy in the 2012-2013 season before falling off a cliff a few years later and then amazingly coming back in 2016-2017 season and winning the Vezina.

Then there is the tale of the aged rookie coming out of nowhere. Nobody would have thought there was any chance for Tim “Timmy” Thomas—a 31-year-old rookie in the 2005-2006 campaign for the Boston Bruins—to be part of the Vezina Trophy odds discussion at any point of his career. However, by the time he was 34 in the 2008-2009 season, Thomas put it all together to win his first Vezina trophy.