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Harry’s Bonified Best Bets NFL Week 3

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The NFL Week 3 Best Bet is the Browns Getting +3 vs. the Rams

The Game: 


The Play: 


The Rams are making their second trip east in three weeks as they look to go 3-0 to start the season. The Rams offense has looked alright and Jared Goff (two TDs, one interception) hasn’t been lighting the world on fire either. Meanwhile, on Monday night the Browns put away the depleted New York Jets by 20 points and now get another national stage on Sunday night football.  

Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham (161 yards, one TD) hooked up plenty and are looking to do much of the same against the Rams. To keep things balanced, I’m looking for running back Nick Chubb (had 98 total yards vs Jets) to keep drives alive for Cleveland. The Rams absolutely need to be aware of Myles Garrett at all times. Garrett has five sacks through two games for the Browns. This is not just another pivotal game for the Browns in general because it looks like the division is really coming down to team teams. With Baltimore taking on a powder keg offense in the Kansas City Chiefs, this week is a perfect opportunity to climb to the top of the division with a win. Mix in a season-ending surgery for Ben Roethlisberger alongside some terrible showing from the Bengals, and things are looking pretty rosy for the Browns.  



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