The Best Collection of NFL MVP Odds on the Internet

When Patrick Mahomes II lit up the NFL in 2018, he was rightfully named

the NFL MVP. Now in 2019, the question is, who will be the 2019 NFL MVP? Are we entering the era of the dual threat quarterbacks like Mahomes, DeShaun Watson and Lamar Jackson, or is the old guard featuring Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson not so old? Those are the questions we are here to help you answer and make some money while doing so. OddsUSA updates the NFL MVP list on a weekly basis, providing the latest NFL MVP 2019 Odds.

Each week, OddsUSA will have an article dedicated to what happened the previous week in the NFL, going over—in plain English—how the NFL MVP odds moved in the wake of the previous week’s performance. With our weekly NFL MVP Odds Tracker article, you can decide what is the best bet on the board.




All the Information You Need to Understand NFL MVP Odds

Whether you are the type of NFL bettor who wants to put his or her money down in the preseason, or are more of the patient variety that wants to wait until midway (or more) through the season to place a bet, OddsUSA has you covered with all the latest information including: previous week’s performance by the top quarterbacks, easy to understand statistics provided by SportsRader and—most importantly—all the latest NFL MVP odds from the top online sportsbooks.

Come back weekly to check out the latest action and to see if your favorite quarterback is climbing… or dropping… on the NFL MVP odds leaderboard. And who knows? Maybe you can read the teale

aves properly and figure out who is going to be the next NFL MVP.

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