Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2021 Betting Odds

Will you be able to withstand the Tampa heat on February 7th, 2021 when Super Bowl LV kicks off? We are more than halfway through the 2020 NFL regular season, and both conferences seem to have plenty of promising teams with hopes of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

The Saints have emerged as the favorites to win the NFC now that they have already clinched a spot in the playoffs. However, the Packers and Rams are just a few games back from New Orleans, so the Saints will need to keep the pedal to the metal if they want to be the best team in the NFC. While New Orleans looks to distance themselves from teams like the Packers and Rams, other squads like Tampa Bay, Seattle, and Minnesota will be looking to play spoiler if they can reach the postseason.

The NFC is more balanced from top to bottom, but the AFC looks like the better conference of the two. The Steelers have finally lost a game, so they will be neck-and-neck with the Kansas City Chiefs for the conference’s top spot. We also can’t discount the Bills, Browns, Colts, Raiders, and Ravens. Nine teams in the AFC currently having winning records, so it’ll be exciting to see which seven squads end up making the playoffs.

Super Bowl Prop Bets and Betting on Super Bowl 2021

Betting on the player you believe will be named NFL MVP is especially simple and works in the same manner as a futures bet on a team to win the Super Bowl.  Essentially, you simply find the player you believe has the best chance to be added to the exclusive list of NFL MVP winners and wager on them accordingly.

Many NFL fans and football bettors will place their wagers on the game’s money line, spread, and over/under, but for every person that places your standard football bet, another person will turn to the Super Bowl Prop Bets when placing their wagers. Every year Super Bowl Prop Bets grab the imagination of hardcore football fans and casual watchers alike.

You do not need to know anything about football to take advantage and enjoy unique prop bets like whether the coin toss will land heads or tails. Nor do you need any expertise to guess that color of the Gatorade that the winning coach will get drenched with when the game’s outcome is decided.

Super Bowl prop bets are a surefire way to enhance the excitement of a game usually filled with career-defining moments. Yes, you can bet on who will be the eventual Super Bowl MVP, but you can also press your luck and decide which coach or owner will be shown first during the broadcast. In fact, Super Bowl prop bets do not stop when the game is at a break. You can bet on the commercials and you can bet on the halftime show. Hell, you can even bet on who wins the opening coin toss!

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Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show

The reason so many people end up watching the Super Bowl is for the spectacle of the halftime show. While in regular NFL games, halftime is there to fill up on food and drinks, the Super Bowl halftime show is appointment viewing. Nobody wants to miss something like Prince in the rain rocking the Miami crowd at Super Bowl XLI.

At the moment, it appears that rapper “The Weeknd” will be the performer for the Super Bowl LV halftime show. Last year, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez blew the world away with one of the most memorable halftime shows in recent memory. People even placed wagers on last year’s show. Prop bets from Super Bowl LIV include how many songs will be played and what special guests will make appearances? You can be sure that similar wagers will be placed this year. It’s also not too early to bet on who you think will actually be the performer for this year’s halftime show. There always seems to be something for sports fans to bet on during the biggest game of the NFL season.

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