NFL Futures

Betting on the NFL brings with it a great deal of fun, but perhaps the best part of wagering on pro football comes in the form of NFL futures betting.

NFL futures betting is available year-round, and, at any point, you are able to bet on a team to win their division, conference, or the ultimate prize – the Super Bowl.

But how does NFL futures betting work? Well, let’s dive right on in!

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NFL Futures Betting Explained

A futures bet is precisely what it sounds like – it’s a bet on an event that’s set to happen in the future. As opposed to a wager on a game that is set to happen that particular day, a futures bet is betting on an outcome that will happen further down the road.

As mentioned in the introduction, the most common form of futures betting comes when wagers are made on a team to win the Super Bowl. Many bettors, especially those new to sports gambling, will bet on their favorite team to win the Super Bowl before the season begins.

Additionally, many professional bettors look to the NFL futures market for good value on contending teams that may string it all together that season and make a run at the Lombardi Trophy. Another strategy would be identifying teams that may be getting overlooked based on reputation or lower expectations, but could still have a dream season and make a long run into the playoffs.

A typical season might start with a team like the Kansas City Chiefs or the Green Bay Packers marked as the “favorite” to win the Super Bowl that next season, with teams that typically are a ways away from reaching the big game listed as the longest shots to win.

CHARLOTTE, NC – OCTOBER 21: James Anderson #50 of the Carolina Panthers is introduced before a game against the Dallas Cowboys at Bank of America Stadium on October 21, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

An example of how futures odds may be listed is like so:

Odds to win Super Bowl
Kansas City Chiefs +200
New Orleans Saints +500
Green Bay Packers +600
Pittsburgh Steelers +800
Los Angeles Rams +1200


Detroit Lions +32500
Atlanta Falcons +50000
Carolina Panthers +50000
Denver Broncos +50000
Houston Texans +50000

In the above example, if you believed the Chiefs would win the Super Bowl that season and wagered $100 to do so – you would be paid $200 if KC was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy amongst a confetti shower at the end of the year.

If you believed the Broncos would win the Super Bowl and all the events from the movie 2012 happened, you would win $50,000 on a $100 wager if the cats won the Super Bowl.

Other NFL Futures Betting Examples

While betting on a team to win the Super Bowl is by far the most popular form of NFL futures betting, there are many different ways one can jump into the futures market.

Some other examples of NFL futures betting includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Betting on a team to win their division
  • Betting on a team to win their conference
  • Betting on a player to win an individual award (MVP, Rookie of the Year, etc.)
  • Betting on a player to have the most yards in a respective category (ex. most passing yards)
  • Betting on a coach to be fired first
  • Betting on a coaching candidate to be hired
  • Betting on who will be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft
  • Betting on a team to make the playoffs

As you can see, the NFL futures market is lush with wagering opportunities, and just like spread betting or Moneyline wagering, this market is always in flux – adjusting as the season goes on. This allows for endless opportunities to jump into the market to make a wager.

From a more strategic perspective, the betting value in NFL futures wagering usually isn’t with the favorites or longest of long shots, but somewhere in between.  This is where NFL futures wagering really hits the apex of fun and potentially unearthing some incredible value along the way.

Here at OddsUSA, we constantly monitor the NFL futures market and will help you along the way to navigating the best wagers to jump in on. Good luck and happy wagering!