NCAA Basketball Futures Betting

NCAA Basketball Futures Betting Online

Gambling on college basketball is one of the most popular (and entertaining) forms of sports betting. One of the best parts of betting on college basketball comes in the form of college basketball futures betting.

Many people have already taken part in a roundabout futures bet on college basketball every single March when they’ve filled out a bracket in their office pool for a shot at a share of cash from all your colleagues. But, did you know that the college basketball futures market often would pay you more than beating out your co-worker Diane who wins every year by picking teams based on mascot or jersey color?

Just like any other form of futures betting, college basketball futures betting is available year-round at any point in time. You are able to bet on an individual player to win an award or on a team to win their conference, conference tournament, or the granddaddy of them all – the NCAA Tournament.

So how does college basketball futures betting work exactly?  Glad you asked! Let’s jump right on in.

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NCAA Basketball Futures Betting Explained

A futures bet is precisely what it sounds like.

It’s a bet on an event that hasn’t happened yet. It’s set to happen in the future (hence that ever creative term ‘futures bet’).

Do you remember how you told a couple of buddies years ago that Gonzaga was more than a sleeper? Or that Kemba Walker would lead UConn to the title? Well, the futures market lets you back up your Nostradamus like prognostications and if you win – you’re often going to pay out handsomely for your wizardly ways.

In college basketball futures betting the most common type of wager comes through picking a team that you believe will win the National Championship that particular season.

However, there are many other options on the futures market than any bettor can take part in.

College basketball is especially unique in that a team is crowned as the regular-season champion in their respective conference and a team is later crowned as the champion of that conference’s postseason tournament.  Many times, the same team will win both.  But more often than not, that isn’t the case.

A typical season might start with a team like Duke or Kentucky marked as the “favorite” to win the national title that season, with teams that typically are a ways away from reaching the big game listed as the longest shots to win.

An example of how college basketball futures odds may be listed is like so:

Odds to win NCAA Tournament

Gonzaga +950
Virginia +950
Iowa +1000
Baylor +1100
Kentucky +1300
Duke +1600

N.C. State +15000
TCU +18000
Boston College +20000
Northwestern +20000
Washington State +20000

Using these odds, if you believed that Dick Vitale’s beloved Dukies would cut down the nets at the end of the season and you risked a hundred dollars to do so – you would be rewarded with a sweet $1600 if Coach K led his future band of NBA All-Stars all the way.

On the other hand, if you believed Northwestern would have a Cinderella run for the ages, but only wished to risk $10, you would still net a cool $2000 if the Wildcats wound up getting that far.

Other NCAA Basketball Futures Betting Examples

If you’re not great at projecting who wins the NCAA Tournament and your bracket winds up in the shredder after the first session of games, there are a lot of other ways one can jump into the college hoops futures market.

Other examples of fun college hoops futures bets you could take a crack at includes:

  • Betting on a team to win their conference regular-season title
  • Betting on a team to win their conference tournament
  • Betting on a team to advance to the Sweet 16/Final 4 in NCAA Tournament
  • Betting on a team to earn a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament
  • Betting on a team to go over/under a win total
  • Betting on a player to win the Naismith

As you can see, the college basketball futures market is lush with wagering opportunities, and just like spread betting or Moneyline wagering, this market is constantly in flux – adjusting as the season goes on.

From a more strategic perspective, the betting value in college basketball futures wagering usually isn’t found with the heavy favorites or longest of long shots, but somewhere in between.

This is where college hoops futures wagering really picks up in the excitement and can end in potentially large payouts.

Here at OddsUSA, we constantly monitor the futures market of college basketball and every other sport and will help you along the way to navigating the best wagers to jump in on.  Good luck and happy wagering!