NBA Most Improved Player Odds

Betting on the NBA’s Most Improved Player Odds

Some NBA players have short careers, lasting only a single season, while others go on to have legendary careers spanning literal decades (four if you are Vince Carter). The players with long, successful careers all have one thing in common; they knew how to make adjustments and improve from year-to-year. Well, with basketball betting online now legal, you can profit off of which players will make the biggest leaps every year and bet on the NBA Most Improved Players odds.

The NBA has all sorts of individual awards like the standard NBA MVP Award, but they also have other individual awards that concentrate on certain aspects of the game like the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award as well as the NBA Rookie of the Year. However, the NBA Most Improved Player Award (NBA MIP) can be anyone who makes a noticeable jump, whether that be on the defensive end, the offensive end, or maybe they just turned into a vacuum cleaner on the glass.  

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NBA Most Improved Player History

The NBA Most Improved Player award goes back to the 1985-1986 season when Alvin Robertson of the San Antonio Spurs took home the trophy. For the first decade or so of the award’s existence, the NBA MIP did not exactly signal great things to come, but the rater went to players who made great leaps and then stagnated a bit. Few big names took home the trophy early on (although sometimes supremely big men—like Gheorghe Muresan—nabbed the honor), but that all changed in 1998-1999 when Darrell Armstrong was deemed to be the NBA’s Most Improved Player.

That started an amazing six-year stretch where the NBA MIP would be just the beginning. Jalen Rose followed Armstrong as the NBA MIP and then things got cooking as Tracy McGrady became the second Magic in three years to win it, and he gave way to Jermaine O’Neal who won the award, becoming the second Pacer two win it in three years. O’Neil later handed the trophy off to Gilbert Arenas for his play in 2002-2003 with the Golden State Warriors before the stretch ended with one of the better big men of the 2000s in Zach Randolph.

This past season, it was Brandon Ingram who took home the hardware. He improved in every meaningful statistical category you could think of this past season: points, steals, assists, rebounds, and three-point percentage. This excellent performance earned him a spot in the NBA All-Star game and recognition as the most improved player in 2020. It’s going to be exciting to see who can take the next step towards greatness this season.

There are a lot of interesting candidates to consider for the MIP award this coming season. Since he missed significant time due to injury, Zion Williamson could be a player to consider for the award. However, he will have to improve on his stat line if he wants to win the award. Another player that deserves much consideration is Denver’s Jamal Murray. The former first-round pick had an excellent performance in the playoffs, leading his team in points per game. He will likely be a strong candidate to win the MIP award if he can continue to play how he did this coming season. A good sleeper pick could be a player that isn’t on a great team. RJ Barrett comes to mind. After a good rookie season in the Big Apple, I think Barrett could be in line for a great 2021 season now that the Knicks have made some noticeable improvements to the roster. Any of these guys could take the award home when all is said and done.

We tell you all this because if you are the type of person who likes to bet on NBA Futures, specifically the NBA MVP award, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the NBA MIP odds. But no matter what the reason you want to play, and no matter what the reason one player gets the NBA Most Improved Player award, OddsUSA will be here every week updating the NBA Most Improved Player odds so you can make the best bet with your money. Good Luck!