NBA Defensive Player of the Year Odds

Who Provides the Best Value bet for Defensive Player of the Year?

The great debate during last year’s NBA season was whether Paul George and Giannis Antentokoumpo could be both MVP and Defensive Player of the Year candidates. Often a reputation driven

award, this year’s Defensive Player of the Year award winner will have to display his massive impact on the less glamorous end. He will have to perpetuate the effort and skill needed to shutdown the opposing teams’ best on every night. All while being flashy enough to steal the spotlight from two-time defending champ Rudy Gobert.

George put together a masterful season in Oklahoma City. Averaging career highs across the board, while becoming perhaps the most dominant two-way player in the league for long stretches. PG13 will look to continue the momentum of an unbelievable 2019 season. Now in Los Angeles, and flanking rugged defenders Kawhi Leonard and Pat Beverly, George’s dominance on the less glamorous end will shine more than ever.

The Clippers have the chance to be one of the most dominant defensive team’s of the modern era in 2020, and George will be a huge part of that. Bet on PG to bounce back from his shoulder injury and perform. Jump on the PG for Defensive Player of the Year bandwagon while you still can. At +850 and before his return from injury, George represents the best value bet on the board.

Your NBA MVP… and Your NBA Defensive Player of the Year?

Giannis Antentokoumpo comes off the best season of his career. The MVP will look to add to his accolades in 2020 and with a down campaign from any other player on this list, he could easily be named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in addition to MVP. Blessed with the ability to seamlessly guard five positions from the 3-point line to the paint, the “Greek Freak” uses his 8-foot wingspan to swat away passes and shots alike with ease.

Entering 2020 with the potential to once again display his dominance on both ends of the floor, this season could be the year Giannis becomes the NBA’s undisputed best. Betting Giannis for Defensive Player of the Year at +420 could be an underrated play.

Fans will remember and cannot discount the impact Kawhi Leonard had on the defensive end in 2018. In leading the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA championship, Leonard was integral in shutting down the oppositions best players. The Claw was especially dominant during the Eastern Conference finals while guarding Giannis. Kawhi made the quest for every bucket tough on the MVP, forcing the rest of the Bucks to make plays and turning the tide of the series itself. Kawhi may be “hurt” in the Defensive Player of the Year race by the load management program the Clippers are sure to put him on. However, bettors would be wise to never forget who the greatest two-way player in the game is perhaps today… especially at Defensive Player of the Year odds sitting at +1400.

Rudy Gobert led the Association with 4.8 defensive win shares in 2019. Knocking the French defensive king from his throne will prove a tough task in the upcoming season. Gobert is the reigning two-time defending Defensive Player of the Year for a reason. He is a monster in the paint, constantly disrupting an offense’s flow and rhythm.

The towering number 11 often deters opponents from entering the restricted area altogether, causing hurried and low-percentage shot attempts. Forcing your opponents into unfavourable positions is the name of the game on defense, and nobody does it better than Gobert. The Frenchman remains the betting favorite at +155. A third straight DPOY trophy could easily end up in the Jazz centers trophy case.