NBA 6th Man of the Year Odds

Betting on the NBA 6th Man of the Year Odds 

The NBA is unlike any other sports in that one player can completely take over a game when he gets in the zone. This usually happens with superstars and MVPs… but sometimes it is the first guy off the bench that makes all the difference in the game. He is known as the “6th Man.” This semi-title is so important and vital to basketball and the NBA that the NBA even has an award for it, not surprisinglydubbed the “NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award.”  

Here at OddsUSA, we break down the most likely players to receive the award at the end of the season with our “NBA 6th Man of the Year” odds articles. So, if you want to bet on the NBA 6th Sixth man of the year odds, check in every single week with out updated article so you can win and make money at the end of the season.  

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The History of the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award

From its inception, the NBA Sixth Man of the Year denoted not just an average bench player, but the best of the best role players as—for the first four years of the award—the NBA Sixth Man of the Year went to a future Hall of Famer. Bobby Jones won the initial award in the 1982-1983 season for the Philadelphia 76ers before the Boston Celtics took over for the next three years. The man who put many a defender in the torture chamber (Kevin McHale) won the award in back-to-back seasons before the world’s biggest Grateful Dead fan (Bill Walton) won it in ’85-’86.

But these three players were outliers and the only three to ever win the award and later be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Sometimes these were players who could not crack the starting five because their teams were stacked, and at other times, they were players who could not go the full 48 minutes because of injuries or had to fill multiple roles depending on the matchup. Lately the role award has gone to somebody that is more of an instant offense type of guy.

Lou Williams, he of the sweet handle and amazing offensive arsenal, has taken the award in back-to-back years, giving him three total, which matches the record held by Jamal Crawford. In fact, both Williams and Crawford have won the award twice while playing with the Los Angeles Clippers (all since 2013-2014), giving the Clippers the most NBA 6th Man Awards with four.

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How to Bet the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award 

Betting the NBA Sixth Man of the Year odds is easy. Betting on the award is the same as any other futures market. For the most part, you will see a player with a plus (+) or minus (-) next to their name. If the player has a minus next to their name, then he is the favorite and the number will indicate how much money you need to bet to win $100.  

So, if Lou Williams is listed at “Lou Williams -120,” you will need to bet $120 to make $100 off the bet. However, for anybody else, they will be listed as something like, “Spencer Dinwiddie +365,” meaning if you bet $100 on Spencer Dinwiddie, and he wins the award, you will get back $365 plus the original $100 that you bet. Now that you know everything about the NBA 6th Man of the Year award, make sure you check every week for the updated article and see which player will bring home the hardware and better yet, put some money in your wallet.