NASCAR Betting

Started from bootlegging and now we’re here. The sport born out of the need to outpace the authorities in favor of disseminating that sweet hooch is still one of the most popular sports in America with 65,000+ people attending an average race. While not every fan can attend every single race—or maybe even a single race in a calendar year—all fans can enjoy the bumping and grinding every Sunday on their television. Now though, there is yet another way to enjoy the greatest racers and drafters and that is through NASCAR betting online. 

Every week throughout the season, OddsUSA will bring you the latest NASCAR odds along with the drivers our experts think will grab the checkered flag. But unlike the other major American sports, NASCAR is obviously not about pitting one team and one driver against another, but rather, a driver against the entire field. Therefore, learning how to first understand NASCAR odds might be a bit tricky, but OddsUSA is here to help you get a better grip on what to watch for and how to bet on NASCAR online. 

NASCAR Odds and How to Bet on NASCAR Online

When you think of NASCAR, you immediately think of golf, right? Of course you don’t. But you should, at least when it comes to NASCAR odds and how to bet on NASCAR online. NASCAR and golf share very similar characteristics when their fans start to bet. When it comes to golf, you are usually picking a player against the field and you can vary your choices on outright winner, Top 5, and Top 10 finishes. Well, the same is usually true for NASCAR races; pick which driver you think is going to win and sit back and enjoy. At most sportsbooks, you can also hedge your bets by picking which driver or drivers you are think are going to finish in the Top 5 or Top 10 of the race.

While the thing you have to watch out for the most in golf is a player making or missing the cut, in NASCAR, you are obviously hoping your driver avoids “The Big One” (the one big crash that invariably happens at every race). If you pick a driver and they successfully avoid the biggest crashes of the race, your odds on making a good bet skyrocket. That is part of the thrill (and agony) of betting on NASCAR online; you can have a driver that is seemingly stuck in the 20s all race, only to blast into the Top 5 after avoiding the biggest crash of race day.

2020 NASCAR Championship Odds or NASCAR Futures

Although it is always fun to bet on single races, most NASCAR fans have their favorite racers and want to see them holding the Championship trophy at the end of the season. Therefore, NASCAR

fans can also make futures bets on the NASCAR Championship odds, which is just a NASCAR futures bet. Racing fans and racing bettors can simply pick which driver they think is going to make it to the playoffs and be at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the season.

Because anything can happen throughout the season in such a dangerous sport, futures odds are always longer and can be a bigger payout. Of course the inverse is true; because anything can happen, your driver can quickly find himself way out of the championship picture after only a month of action and you can watch your bet fall further and further out of contention as the season progresses.

No matter what style of bet you want to make this NASCAR season, make sure you check in every week with OddsUSA to see which drivers our experts think is going to win that week and what they think will happens as we track the NASCAR Championship odds all season long. Boogity Boogity Boogity!

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