MLB Futures: World Series Odds

The Best MLB Futures and World Series Odds

Have you ever wanted to be like Babe Ruth and call your shot prior to hitting a moon shot into the bleachers at Yankee Stadium?

In sports betting, while you won’t be able to actually have an at bat at Yankee Stadium, you are able to call your shot on something that could happen in the future.

This is what is better known in the sports betting lexicon as futures betting.

The MLB futures market may not be as popular as the futures markets in football and basketball, but it is still hugely popular.

In this section, we will touch upon the most popular MLB futures bets and include tips and tricks so that you can maximize your chances to win.  Let’s get started!

MLB Over/Under Win Totals

The second most popular means to take part in the MLB futures market comes through betting on a team to go “Over” or “Under” a projected win total as set by oddsmakers.

These win totals typically are released about a month before spring training gets going and unlike any other futures bet you can make on baseball, these types of wagers have to be locked in before the regular season begins.

How these types of wagers work though is extremely easy to figure out.

Here is an example of what a team win total futures bet may look like at your preferred sportsbook:

Boston Red Sox O/U 88.5 wins
Kansas City Royals O/U 65.5 wins

If you believe the Red Sox would win 89 games or more that particular season, you would take “Over 88.5” wins.

If you believed the Royals would only win 60 games this season, you would take “Under 65.5”.

It should also be noted that these bets will not be graded until the conclusion of the season, so keep that in mind if you do not want your bankroll tied up for six months as you wait for the results of this bet.

MLB Futures Betting Explained

As stated previously, a futures bet is precisely what it sounds like – it is a bet on an event coming in the future.

In terms of MLB betting, the most common means of futures betting comes with betting on a team to win the pennant or World Series.

A perk to futures betting is that when you wish to bet on a team to win the pennant or the World Series, these odds are available all throughout the course of the season.

This luxury gives bettors a chance to take a long shot at the start of the year or to jump in the middle of the season when a contender is underachieving.

An example of how MLB futures odds may be posted at your sportsbook of choice would look like so:

Odds to win World Series
Yankees +350
Dodgers +600
Astros +700
Braves +1000
Nationals +1400


Blue Jays +10000
Pirates +15000
Orioles +25000
Marlins +25000

Unlike a Moneyline wager where there is typically a clear favorite and underdog, the futures market considers the team with the lowest odds as the closest thing to a “favorite”.

Other MLB Futures Examples

Betting on team win totals and for a team to eventually be crowned as World Series Champions are not the only futures bets that are offered in the MLB futures market.

Here are some other examples of futures bets that may tickle your fancy as well.

  • Betting on an MLB team to win their division
  • Betting on an MLB team to win the AL/NL pennant
  • Betting on a player to win an individual award (Cy Young, MVP, etc.)
  • Betting on a player to win the home run title (or any other individual statistic)

As always, here at OddsUSA we have the MLB futures market covered with your latest news, stats, and analysis.  Stay with us the entire season and win!