MLB Division Previews

2020 MLB Division Betting Previews

After a tumultuous offseason that featured the Astros betting scandal, the Red Sox trading former AL MVP Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, and Gerrit Cole jumping ship to the Evil Empire, Major

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

League baseball is set to get underway on March 26 with a slew of season openers. The pseudo national holiday of Opening Day will kick off the MLB season, but with so much changing so quickly (we hardly knew ye as managers AJ Hinch, Alex Cora, and Carlos Beltran), which teams are going to overperform and which teams are going to underperform? Knowing you want the low-down on all the teams and divisions, we here at OddsUSA are here to provide you will the best MLB Division betting previews around. 

The landscape truly is drastically different heading into the 2020 MLB season. Obviously, the biggest story is the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Even with the loss of Gerrit Cole to the Yankees, everyone thought the Astros were going to continue to be a juggernaut. Once the scandal came to light and everyone realized just how bad it was going to be, that vein of thinking slowly started to change. But then, Rob Manfred decided to only punish management, leaving the players free to continue their careers. That meant the Astros would still be the Astros, correct? 

Well, not so fast. Now we have seen how the rest of the baseball world is treating the Astros and their fauxpologies. While the players are still some of the best in baseball, this is a game that is all about the mental state. And right now, it looks like the Astros might not be able to handle the pressure of 162 games of fans ragging on them for cheating. Can the once dominant Astros hold off the deluge of boos (and trash can banging) or will they succumb to baseball karma? Find all that out and more with our AL West Betting preview as well as with all of our other MLB Division Betting previews for the 2020 season.