MLB Daily Trends

MLB Daily Trends

MLB betting is an extremely popular means of sports betting throughout the United States and with 30 teams playing 162-game schedules, it’s no wonder why.

If you are hungry for action, baseball will quench your thirst from March all the way to October.

With so many games at your disposal to wager on, it’s easy to want to jump headfirst into MLB betting and bet on as many games as you can. Realistically though, this is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t go to an all you can eat buffet and try to eat everything at that buffet right? Moderation is the key to betting on baseball and surviving a Golden Corral. So, with so many games available for you to bet on, you probably would like to allow yourself to have a bit of an edge over your bookie right?

Enter betting trends.

For those unfamiliar with how betting trends work, trends are indicators of anything related to a specific matchup set happen. In terms of MLB betting, some common trends to monitor include:

  • How a team has performed recently
  • How a team has fared against another team recently
  • How a team has fared recently in certain situations (vs. left-handed pitching, day games, interleague games, playing at Fenway Park, etc.)
  • Public betting percentages
  • Sharp betting percentages

Let this page serve as your beacon for everything related to MLB trends.

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What Are Betting Trends Exactly?

So, we touched upon this above, but to get more specific a betting trend is any nugget of information that indicates a possible edge in that given matchup.

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The most common form of betting trend is identifying what teams are doing against the spread.  In MLB betting terminology, this is called the run line.

However, there are a number of differing factors/trends that bettors should be aware of when they are handicapping a given matchup.

For example, a common methodology for wagering on Major League Baseball is taking the contrarian approach and “fading” (betting against) the team getting the most public betting action.

Let’s say the Royals and Astros are set to face off and 90% of the public betting is on the Astros to prevail.  A contrarian bettor may see this and figure the general public isn’t as in the know about the Kansas City Royals as they would be the Houston Astros and bet on the Royals to win.

Another thing that can be gleaned from looking at public betting percentages is that these percentages offer a great tell to what side professional gamblers are backing.

If 90% of the public is betting on a certain team but the odds on the team getting far less action are moving in the direction that you would expect a favorite to be moving in, this is a great indicator that professional bettors are taking the contrarian approach and betting heavier money on the team getting smaller action to win.

It should be mentioned that this is not a method that is guaranteed to win every time.  Professional bettors have their share of losses too.  But this does show how some people approach betting on baseball or any other sport.

What are MLB Team Trends?

While general betting trends factor in public betting, contrarian betting and everything in between – team trends focus more on the actual teams that you will be betting on.

Team betting trends identify patterns, previous results, team tendencies in certain situations and more in relation to betting outcomes.

How many times did the Yankees win the first 5 innings in May?  How many times did the Red Sox go over the total in interleague play?  How many times did the Dodgers win on the road in the daytime over the last month?

All of these things would be considered a team trend and a lot of this information is extremely beneficial to making your wagers.

Team betting trends will typically be categorized in three different ways.

  • Time/Location (Home vs. Away; Day vs. Night)
  • Odds (How they performed as a favorite vs. how they performed as an underdog)
  • Wager type (Run line, F5 innings, Over/Under, Moneyline, etc.)

What MLB Team Trends Should You Avoid?

As anyone that has lived in the internet era can tell you, the funny thing about statistics is that they can be skewed in a multitude of ways to fit the narrative you’re looking for.

Sports betting trends are no different in this regard.

When looking for betting trends in any given sport, there are some trends you should avoid at all costs as they are just fluff and presented in a way to sound a lot more relevant than they actually are.

Here are some examples of junk trends you can just throw in the trash:

  • How a team performs in a certain uniform combination
  • How a team performs when a Toby Keith song is played in the 4th inning
  • How a team played against another team in 1987

As with anything else, when it comes to MLB team trends, just use common sense.  And the easiest way to do that is to stay at OddsUSA where we will do all the trend research for you so you can determine what is useful to your handicapping.