Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

 Fury vs. Wilder Odds: Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Odds for the RematchÂ

 The biggest fight in boxing since the first time Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury scrapped, their rematch, is set for February 22 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Since Andy Ruiz is seemingly out of the picture after losing to Anthony Joshua, the boxing world is one step closer to finding out who is currently the greatest heavyweight. 

 But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You, the bettor, still need to know who to put your money on for Wilder-Fury II. We at OddsUSA expect “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder to retain his WBC strap Saturday night. Why? Primarily, it’s because of the old saying that appearances can be deceiving. 

Wilder vs. Fury Odds II: Is the Gypsy King a Bum?

Everyone and their brother knows to watch for Wilder’s signature right hand that has sent many a man into the shadow realm. However, we think Wilder is being pigeonholed. Fury has only added to the belief that all Fury has is his right hand. Fury has not only said he is a better boxer but said in the promotional build-up if he can’t beat Wilder then he is a bum. 

Wilder may never be the world’s greatest technical boxer, but he has mentioned during a pre-fight series from Fox that his boxing IQ is underappreciated. Maybe Wilder has Fury right where he wants him. With Fury also saying he expects this fight to go no longer than two rounds (he could just be selling the fight,) perhaps he’s putting himself into a corner. He went the distance with Wilder in 2018. How will Fury react if the fight goes longer?  

We do have to give the movement edge to Fury though. According to the staff of Boxing Junkie, “At 6-foot-9, 250 or so pounds, Fury fights like a man half his size. He slips combinations with devilish ease, switches to southpaw on a dime and maneuvers around the ring as fluidly as a welterweight.” 

Do we need to talk about punching power? Of his 29 wins, Fury has 20 knockouts. Of Wilder’s 42 victories, 41 are KOs. Fury has felt that power, having suffered two knockdowns his first time facing Wilder, one of which happened in the final round. Fury’s rise late in the count drew comparisons with The Undertaker of WWE fame from Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports. 

Fury has a chin that is a gift from the boxing gods, but you can only take so many of those shots. You only get so many punches on a punch card. Then, factor in the eyebrow gash Fury received from Otto Wallin prior to this contest. Even though the injury has since healed, perhaps it’s more likely to open up again.  

 Figuring out the Fury vs. Wilder Odds: will the Gypsy King or the Bronze Bomber Prevail? 

Both men will look to pick their spots. When there is action, when Wilder’s right hand does find a home, the reaction should be a loud one. OddsUSA expects Fury’s chin to hold up but we have to give the durability edge to Wilder.  

Additionally, Fury’s mind seems to be elsewhere, like returning to WWE after his one off in Saudi Arabia in October 2019. As Boxing Junkie noted, Fury also released his autobiography the month after. 

Fury also said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, “I have three fights left on me contract with ESPN,” he said on the show. “And after that, I will seriously think about walking away.” 

We expect to be previewing Wilder-Joshua soon enough if this rivalry doesn’t result in a trilogy. 

Prediction: Deontay Wilder (-122) Retains by Decision (+900)