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The sport of kings! Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to man,

Horse Racing: 145th Kentucky Derby

dating as far back as 4500 B.C.E when nomadic tribes in Central Asia first domesticated the horse and began racing them. Horse racing used to be one of the most popular sports in America—alongside boxing—but has since seen a downward trend in its popularity (like boxing). There are still some marquee events and races that capture the hearts (and wallets) of Americans no matter where they are. Those races are all a part of the Triple Crown; three races that take place from May to Early June (the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes). 

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest of the three races and is like the Super Bowl of horse racing. With the Mint Julips flowing, big, floppy hats waving, and “My Old Kentucky Home” blaring in the ears of patrons, the Kentucky Derby still gets people to reach into their wallets and purchase a betting ticketEven the most fair-weather of horse racing fans still enjoy “betting on the ponies” and now with online sports betting legal, they can find their way online and start betting on horse racing online today. 

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How to Bet on Horse Racing

For those just getting into the horse racing betting online scene, the different types of bets might be confusing, but it only takes a little time to become familiar with the terminology and how to make your bets. The first thing to know about horse racing betting online is that horse racing has its own terminology and is simple to understand. If you put money on the horse to win, you are hoping your horse wins. When you see people betting on the horse to “place,” you are expecting him to come in either first or second, and if your bet is to “show,” you want your horse to finish first, second, or third.  

Now where horse racing betting online gets interesting is how you can combine all of those bets and make even more money off of them. Those looking to engage in horse racing betting online can try their luck at exotic bets like the “Straight Exacta” the “Straight Trifecta” and the “Straight Superfecta. 

 Horse Racing Online Bets: Straight Exacta, Straight Trifecta, and Straight Superfecta Bets

In the Straight Exacta, you must pick the exact order of both the winner of the race, as well as which horse is going to finish second. The Straight Trifecta is the same as the Exacta, except in addition to correctly picking the order of the first two horses, you also must ick who comes in third. Same goes for the Straight Superfecta. In the Straight Superfecta you must correctly guess the order of the first four horses that finish the race.  

However, if you do not feel as confident about the exact finishing order of the horses in the race, you can hedge your bets by “boxing” them. This gives a better the chance to simply pick which horses he or she things will finish the race in the top two, three or four. If you box your bet for an Exacta and picked Horse 2 and Horse 9 to finish first and second, it does not matter if Horse 9 finishes first or if Horse 2 finishes first, only that Horse 2 and Horse 9 finished first and second.  

The same applies for the Trifecta and the Superfecta. In the Trifecta, so long as you correctly pick the top three horses—regardless of order—you win your bet and same applies for the Superfecta and the top four horses. Obviously, the odds are better (you win less money) when you box your bets, but it gives you more leeway to win your bet. Either way, when it comes to betting on ponies this year, make sure you check in with OddsUSA for all the latest horse racing odds online.