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Harry’s Thursday Night Football Prop Bet of The Week

Harry Gagnon’s Thursday Night Football Prop Bet for Week 5

The Game:  

 Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks 

 The Play:  


The Rams don’t look like Rams that won the NFC just a year ago after giving up double nickels (55 Points) to the Tampa Bay Bucs at home. The Rams are only 22nd in the league in rushing and running back Malcolm Brown has been playing hurt. According to head coach Sean McVey, star running back Todd Gurley isn’t hurt but one would think otherwise with the extremely small number of carries he is getting.

Russell Wilson has 10 total touchdowns and has zero interceptions, meanwhile Rams quarterback Jared Goff has been a turnover machine with 9 total turnovers. The Rams have won two straight games in the Pacific Northwest and they won’t make it three because Wilson is the better more reliable quarterback and the Seahawks get it done versus the Rams on Thursday night.


RAMS           20 

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Harry Gagnon

Harry Gagnon

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