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Harry’s Best NFL Parplay NFL Week 5

The Best NFL Parlay Bets for NFL Week 5 

-220 VIKINGS Moneyline vs GIANTS 

850 EAGLES Moneyline vs JETS 

550 CHIEFS Moneyline vs COLTS 


 The Vikings need to rebound after a pathetic offensive game versus the Bears and they will do so with Dalvin Cook leading the way. The Giants did play well against their rival Redskins and picked up their second straight win, but won’t be able to stay with the Vikings for four quarters. 

 The Eagles played their best game of the year last Thursday in Green Bay and Carson Wentz is ready to cruise by the Jets who have no idea where their offense is supposed to come from.  

The Chiefs and Pat Mahomes do not lose at home and running back Marlon Mack and wide receiver TY Hilton may not play for the banged up Colts. Put it all together and you can take three heavy favorites, roll them into one package, and get yourself an even money bet. 

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Harry Gagnon

Harry Gagnon

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