Harry Gagnon

Harry’s College Football Underdog Picks: Best Underdog Bet Of Week 2


The Play: ARKANSAS ST +2

Many factors come into play when making a case for an underdog play. In this situation, past history played a major role in my decision making.
Here’s are my Top-10 factors for thinking why the Red Wolves will roll the Rebels in Las Vegas

Harry’s Hot Underdog College Football Pick of Week 2

1. Arkansas St beat UNLV last year by a touchdown.
2. UNLV had only five completions in that game for only 23 yards while throwing three picks
3. UNLV lost its top rusher (Lexington Thomas) and wide receiver (Brandon Presley) from a season ago
4. UNLV finished 5th out of six teams in their conference division last year
5. In 2017, Ark St lost to SMU by 23. Last week they lost to them by 7
6. Ark St will need a win here to prevent them from starting 0-3, which is almost assured since they play at Georgia next week.
7. Arkansas St QB Logan Bonner outplayed SMU’s QB last week as he went for four TDs to SMU’s QB who had zero.
8. Arkansas St has secured at least seven wins in eight straight seasons.
9. Arkansas St has gone “Bowling” in seven straight years.
10. UNLV has NOT won consecutive games to start a season (they beat Southern Utah last week) since the John Robinson regime back in 1999.


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