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Back in the dark ages of the internet, back before online sports betting was legalized, the one thing most Americans could count on playing was Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Now that sports gambling is legal online, more and more players are starting to branch out of the DFS world and into this new exciting world of online sports gambling. However, not everybody is ready to make the jump, or if they are, they still enjoy playing their DFS, whether that be DFS NFL, DFS NBA, or whatever variation they desire.  

Whether you are just the type of person that loves to ride that one player to some extra cash, or you do mountains of research to decipher which player is going to light the league on fire for the day, DFS is the place for you. We at OddsUSA understand that every person has their own niche, and DFS is still the thing that gets you going. Maybe you live in a state where DFS is the only recourse, if so, we have you covered with some of the more popular DFS picks and options out there and maybe even a couple you have never heard from. 

The Differences Between DFS and Player Prop Betting

For some players, they have not branched away from the world of DFS because they are so accustomed to the specific type of betting. Pick certain players, at a price, and make your best possible team. Or, pick one player who is going to do better or worse than expected and you are on your way to winning some cash. DFS and player prop betting are two sides of the same coin and the easiest way for DFS players to dip their toes into the waters of online sports gambling. 

If you are one of those bettors who does not know where to begin, but you have experience in DFS, player prop betting is the place for you. In a standard DFS scenario, you select your team or player based off their designated “salary” in hopes that you can build the best team possible from the different players across the league or team. Then the game is played and you hope your players had fantastic games. If you accrue a certain amount of points, you stand the chance to win some money. Sometimes games make you hit a certain threshold, and once you hit it you win, and other times there are tournaments where your team completes against a bunch of other teams and the team with the most points takes home the prize. 

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Player prop betting is similar. Except instead of building a team of players you think are going to outperform expectations, you only have to choose one player you think is going to have a great night… or a player that is going to be terrible. In the player prop betting world, you merely have to say whether a player is going to be better or worse than the designated line.  

If you think Patrick Mahomes III is going to throw for 400 yards in Sunday’s game, and his over/under passing yards is 385.5, then you bet on Mahomes and take the over. Or you could do the opposite where you take a look at Carson Wentz Passing Yards 350.5, and think he is going to have a bad game through the air, so you take Carson Wentz and the under. The main difference between DFS and player prop betting is instead of having to build a team and choosing which players are going to perform beyond expectations, you only have to choose one player at a time and decide if they will over or underperform.

When Your Only Option is DFS  

Federalism can be a great thing, but not so much when you are a sports fan hoping to spend some time learning the ins and outs of online sports gambling. If you live in state where online sports gambling is illegal, Daily Fantasy Sports are the way to go, whether that be DFS picks, DFS NFL, DFS NBA, DFS MLB, or DFS MLB you just know you have to stick to Daily Fantasy Sports. Because of that, we have partnered with some of the most entertaining DFS providers in the country and are working with them to give you all the best and latest deals.  

From team-building Daily Fantasy Sports games where you’re hoping your team defeats all challengers in a tournament scenario, to head-to-head individual battles where you are merely trying to pick which player over or underperforms in their game, OddsUSA is here to make your DFS experience the best and most lucrative possible. So remember to check in with the OddsUSA DFS page for all the best promotions around and if you’re ready to make that jump over to online sports gambling.