Corona Virus Sports Betting Update

Sports Betting in the Time of the Corona Virus

We have all been waiting for the other shoe to drop and now it finally has; after Jazz Center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the Coronavirus, the NBA has indefinitely suspended their season. There will be no NBA games for the foreseeable future and who knows what will happen to the various titles, awards, and everything else you love about betting on in the NBA. For a while it looked like the UFC was going to go all Jon Snow and standalone against the encroaching army known as the Coronavirus, but now the UFC has had to suspend its next three fights.

So what does that means for the sports world? Well, if you’re a fan of American sports… you’re completely out of luck for the moment. We might be looking at the legalization of eSports betting and WWE betting, but for now, all the major American sports are on lockdown. Obviously, this is a time of massive of uncertainty with sports in general, but OddsUSA is here to keep you updated on all the latest online sports betting you can get your (hopefully thoroughly soaped and scrubbed) hands on.

The international sports world is not doing much better as pretty much every single league is now shutdown and if you had plans for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics… sorry. So, continue to check in here with us as we provide you with the latest updates, news, and possible cancellations/postponements from around the sports world. Just so you know, we are in constant contact with our partners and will pass along any and all information as soon as we have it. Here is the latest information (as of March 25, 2020):

League Action Taken
UFC Fights continuing in empty stadiums

(UFC 249 is next scheduled event)

Horse Racing Kentucky Derby postponed to September 5
NFL Offseason schedule to continue per normal, League to hold draft on original date despite suggestions from GMs
Summer Olympics Postponed until Summer 2021
College Basketball (March Madness) Men’s/Women’s tournaments cancelled
Aussie Rules Football Matches and awards have been cancelled
NBA Season suspended for at least 30 days

(likely mid-to-late June)

MLB Season originally pushed back two weeks, now will begin in Mid-May at the earliest

(originally projected to start March 26th)

World Baseball Classic Postponed indefinitely

(supposed to start in April)

NHL Season suspended indefinitely
PGA Tournaments through April 5th cancelled;

Masters (biggest tournament) postponed

International soccer leagues (Champions/Premier/Europa) Suspended indefinitely
Euro 2020 Pushed back to 2021
NASCAR Races cancelled for next two weeks
XFL Suspended indefinitely
MLS Suspended indefinitely
ATP (tennis) Tournaments cancelled for next six weeks
Indian Premier League (cricket) Season pushed back 2 weeks

(originally projected to start March 29th)