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In the Daily Fantasy Sports world, there are two names that stand above the rest and they can each be described with a pair of letters (DK & FD). However, those are not the only games in town. One of the most fun and popular DFS sites in the market is PrizePicks.
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PrizePicks is a straightforward Daily Fantasy Sports site where the second you go to the home page you can figure out how to play. You will be presented with a screen of the most popular sport in that moment and asked to pick between two to four players or athletes. All you have to do to enjoy PrizePicks is follow the on-screen instructions. 

Thankfully, PrizePicks is easy to figure out and almost as easy to play. The home screen has a list of all the different sports and leagues you can play DFS with. So, if you are a NASCAR fanatic, you can click on the NASCAR tab and see all the projected scores for the next race. The same is true if you are a fan of the NFL, NBA, MLB and so on and so forth. Once you get to the sport you wish to play, just click on 2-to-4 of the players. At the bottom of the page you will see how many players you selected and once you are satisfied with your selection, merely click “GO.”

Hitting “Go” will take you to the next page where you have to simply choose if the selected player will go over or under the projected point total. It does not matter what sport or competition you choose, all the selections will ask for “over” or “under.” PrizePicks is fun because it gives you two different ways to play: you have the “Flex Play,” which allows you to win your bet even if one or more of your picks miss (although the payout is not as extreme), and you also have the “Power Play” where all of your picks must hit in order for you to win (and if you do, you get payouts of 2.5x, 5x, and 10x).

One of the most unfortunate facts about sports gambling in the Unites States is that it is limited to traditional sports. When you go to play with PrizePicks, you are not beholden to such restrictionsPrizePicks allows you to choose players from the following sports: 

  • Baseball 
  • Soccer 
  • Hockey 
  • Basketball  
  • Football 
  • eSports 
  • Including League of Legends and CounterStrike  
  • Golf 
  • NASCAR/Auto Racing 
  • Boxing 
  • MMA 

The PrizePicks mobile app is available on both the Apple App Store as well as on the Android-based Google Play Store. Unlike competitors DraftKings and FanDuel, PrizePicks can give you immediate winnings whenever your picks end up hitting. Part of the success of PrizePicks is how much users love the app.  

The app is minimalist in design, which is a bonus considering the type of interactions users are looking for. Most of the people using PrizePicks want to quickly pick their sport, their players, and the types of wager they want to make, and then get out as soon as possible. The app for both Apple phones and Android phones does just that. Almost all of the reviews of the app by actual users are positive and it is hard to find a complaint from people using the app. 

Customer support

The Customer support team at PrizePicks is usually very fast to try and solve all issues. At times of increased activity on the site, users can click on the yellow button to speak with a member of the “Member Relations” teams if things like deposits take longer than 20 minutes. Most of the customer support is done through live instant messaging on the site itself although you can also reach out via email to their customer support if a live representative is not available. 

Fortunately, one of the reasons so many people enjoy using PrizePicks is the ease of use when trying to deposit and withdraw money.  


For players wanting to deposit money, they are two main options: 

  • PayPal 
  • With all major credit card carriers accepted 
  • eCheck 

Note: Depositing with PayPal (or the Guest Checkout option) is extremely fast and easy to do. Normally, deposits transfer to a players’ balance within 30 seconds of the deposit going through. The one drawback to the system is that during times of massive activity on the site, deposits have been known to take up to 20 minutes.  

While the eCheck method is secure, it is noticeably slower than using PayPal and/or the Guest Checkout option. eChecks can take up to five business days before they are deposited into a player’s account. Moreover, during this possible five-day waiting period, PrizePicks cannot add any extra funds to your balance until the deposit transaction is complete. 

There is also a $20 minimum deposit on all deposits and any time there is an issue with chargebacks or a player has attempted to deposit money that get kicked back by the system, those funds attached to the deposit are invalidated. Moreover, if the kickback forces a player to have a negative balance, the player is expected to accept that as debt and to pay the difference immediately. 


The only restriction to withdrawing from PrizePicks is that members must play through their deposited funds of at least 1x before asking for a payout. Players are also forbidden from withdrawing funds until all pending deposits are completed. PrizePicks also conducts anti-fraud checks for playing patterns and deposits prior to completing a withdrawals. 

Due to Tax law, members wanting to withdraw funds need to provide PrizePicks with a social security number and confirm their taxable address. The reason for this is that any winnings surpassing $600 requires PrizePicks to fill out a 1099-MISC tax form. 

There is a minimum withdrawal of $30 and a maximum withdrawal of $2500 for every seven calendar days. Players hoping to withdraw funs can do so every weekday (Monday-Friday), but withdrawals by eCheck take between 2-5 business days.  

PrizePicks is a great way for players looking to learn about the exciting world of Daily Fantasy Sports. The web browser and app are both very easy to use, and the gameplay itself is straight forward and fun for beginners as well as seasoned veterans of DFS. PrizePicks is also available in more than half of the states in America, so if you are somebody who lives in a state where sports betting is illegal, this is a viable option for you to enjoy your bets. 

Not only that, but one of the best aspects of PrizePicks is that no matter what your sport (or eSport), they have you covered. So, if you are a fan of the more unique sports or gaming varieties, PrizePicks is the place for you. While the customer support and withdrawal process could be a little more streamlined, PrizePicks goes out of its way to please its customers and make sure you walk away happy even if your bets might not have hit.  

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