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Monkey Knife Fight is a website dedicated to fantasy sports, which is something you wouldn't expect from its name. However, there's more to it than just fantasy sports as we're about to explore. If we wanted to put it best, MKF is more like a mashup of fantasy sports and player props.
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The site was founded in 2018, so relatively new on the scene, and it allows users to wager on real sports events and players in a unique way by creating specific battles, or fights, with people placing their bets on what they expect the outcome to be. If you’re worried about the legal side of things, they fall under daily fantasy state laws and are regulated in over 30 US States.

Overall the site is pretty easy to use but because of their unique contest types, there may be a bit of a learning curve if you’re new to fantasy sports or sports betting in general. If not, there shouldn’t be any issues and you’ll welcome their fresh perspective.

First, you need to set up your account and deposit money. If you’ve ever placed any kind of online bet before, then you’ll know exactly what to do. If not, no worries, it’s an easy process.

There are three main contests types on Monkey Knife Fight. They are:

More or Less is similar to betting on the total or over/under. You’re given a statistical number of several athletes within the same sport. You then wager if they’re going to surpass that number (over) in their next game or fall short (under). So, say it’s an NBA game and MKF has LeBron James listed to score 25.5 points. If you think he’ll score more than 25 points in the game you would select ‘More’. If you think he will score less than 25 points you would select ‘Less’. Pretty simple right?

Rapidfire, another one of their contests, pits two players in the same sport head-to-head. So, in baseball for example, MKF would list two pitchers and you would select which pitcher would get the most strikes between the two.

Finally, Stat Shootout, you choose several players to combine into a team to reach a certain goal. For example, select the three NFL players you think will score 3 or more TD’s combined in a given NFL week.

At Monkey Knife FightYou can choose from several sports to bet on. Look out for opportunities with soccer, NASCAR, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL, so there should be enough there to keep you entertained.


To add money to your account, log into it and hit the ‘Add Funds’ link in the top right corner. You can then use your credit or debit card to add cash to your account. You do need to make at least the minimum deposit of $10 while there are maximums of $1k a day, $5k in a week, and $10k over a month.

Customer Support

Contacting their customer support can be done in various ways. They do have a phone number to call as well as submitting a support ticket. Alternatively, you can email them directly but there is a chance that this could take longer to get a reply.

The one thing that comes across loud and clear here is that offers sports wagers in a different and fun way. Their approach will certainly make you view sports from a unique angle and it adds a new sense of excitement watching sports. The variety of betting options available is huge, but then it does become slightly overwhelming as you try to decide on which stars you want to pitch against one another.

Aside from that, their customer service is smooth, adding and withdrawing money is done in what feels like seconds, and overall this site not only has a cool name, but it also has a cool way of going about its sports wagering business.