Betting Guide: Boxing Betting Explained

Unlike a lot of sports, boxing betting is often easier to understand because it is much more limited. There are far fewer potential bets in a standard boxing match than most other sporting events, after all. If you’re lucky enough to cash in on your state’s newly-approved online sports betting laws, you’re going to need to know what you’re doing before you ever think about placing a wager.

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Boxing Betting Odds Explained

The odds are the positive and negative numbers at the end of the fighter’s name in a list of boxing betting wagers that are available. These are referred to as “lines” (which we’ll discuss further below). The odds designate the favorite and the underdog, as well as an indication of how much they are favored or not favored for the specific event.

For example, if you have a fight that looks like this:

Otto Wallin (+250)

Tyson Fury (-150)

This means that Tyson Fury is the favorite, at much higher odds than Otto Wallin – the underdog. Instead of having to bet $150 to win $100 with the favorite, you’ll earn $250 if you bet $100 on the undergod. Keep in mind these are examples and not actual odds. These will vary from one fight to the next, which is why you need to stay updated on the boxing season and the fighters involved.

Boxing Round Betting Explained

Round betting is relatively simple. All that you need to do is pick the outright winner of the fight, and then choose what round will get them the win. For example, you can select the favorite for the 8th round, and if he manages to win the fight at that time, you win your bet. This is a difficult bet to predict, of course, but it’s a good market when there are low odds against the outright favorite.

Round group betting is another option that you have. In this bet, you need to pick from a preselected group of rounds in which you anticipate the win. If the fight ends during one of the rounds in your group, you win your bet. It’s much easier than picking the actual round in which the fight will end, so it may be better for those new to boxing round betting.

Boxing Betting Lines Explained

Sportsbook boxing betting lines will have listed odds that are in the hundreds and thousands. These lines are always relative to $100 bets. For example, a moneyline for a boxing match between two fighters might have Otto Wallin at a +200 and Tyson Fury at a –125, with the outcome of a draw having odds of +2000. These numbers are referred to as the “odds,” and they determine how much you have to gamble to win or lose your bet.

For example, if you bet $500 on Otto Wallin, and Wallin pulls off the upset, you’ll win $1,000 on the wager and get back your $500 bet for a total of $1,500. If you bet that same $500 on Tyson Fury, and he wins win, you’ll win $400 for the bet while getting back your initial $500 wager for a total of $900. The odds change all the time for fights and can be anywhere from EVEN for a perfectly level match, or a complete mismatch like -1500 and +3000 and you can bet whichever increments you feel comfortable.

Boxing Betting Over/Under

Boxing betting over/under rounds works like any typical over/under wager. The oddsmakers will post the information about each fight, including the number of rounds that will be the baseline of the over/under bet. If someone wagers the under on a fight posted at an over/under of 10 rounds, and the fight lasts the full 12 rounds, they would lose their wager. If they wagered over, they would have won.

This is another bet where it’s important to do your homework. Know the fighters so that you understand their stamina, fighting style, and how long their fights typically last so that you can make smarter bets on the over/unders.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know more about boxing betting, it should be easier to place your wagers. As long as you’re being cautious and betting on sportsbooks and boxing matches responsibly, you can win some money while enjoying the fight.